Consensus® Hip System

The Consensus® Hip System was developed from well established and clinically proven design principles. With consistent application of those principles and a logical system of instruments, the Consensus® Hip System offers the surgeon a variety of implant options, providing excellent performance for a wide spectrum of patients.

• Available without screw holes or with a superior cluster of three screw holes to enhance fixation
• Commercially pure titanium beaded porous coating
• Available in diameters from 42mm to 68mm
• Hemispherical or flared rim geometries

• 28mm ID inserts for 46-68mm shells
• 22mm ID inserts for 42 and 44mm shells
• Available in 20° hooded and neutral options
• High density or highly cross-linked polyethylene
• Porous Titanium Surface
• Optional Screw Holes

• 20° Hooded & Neutral
• Secure Locking Mechanism
• 28mm CoCr available in -5, 0, +5 and +10mm necklengths
• 28mm Ceramic available in -3.5, 0, and +3.5mm offsets
• 22mm CoCr available in -3, 0, +3 and +6mm offsets

Heads available for the UniSyn™ Hip System are manufactured and inspected to very demanding standards. Alumina and Zirconia Ceramic heads are available in 28mm and 32mm sizes. Cobalt Chrome head sizes include 22, 28, and 32mm. Heads are connected to the UniSyn™ Neck component with a standard 12/14 taper.

• 128° neck angle allows for restoration of lateral offset while maintaining proper leg length
• Press-fit stem geometry provides a 1mm press-fit in the metaphysis and line-to-line slip-fit in the diaphysis to promote loading of the proximal femur and provide initial stability and fixation of the implant
• Stems are forged from either Ti-6Al-4V or CoCr for improved strength and biocompatibility
• Full radius porous-coated collar loads medial calcar to preserve proximal bone
• Polished neck and distal bullet
Non-Porous Titanium Stems
The Consensus® Non-Porous Ti stem is a robust femoral stem prosthesis. The stem combines a compound proximal wedge body, normalization steps, grit blast proximal body, and distal grooves. The design is geometrically similar to the Titanium HA Coated stem.
Cobalt Chrome Stems
The Consensus® Cobalt Chrome stem offers the features most demanded in a cemented femoral stem prosthesis. The stem combines a compound proximal wedge body, cement normalization steps, wrap around collar, grit blast proximal body, distal grooves, a tapered distal stem, and cement spacers for proper proximal and distal centralization.
Porous Coated Stems
The porous titanium surface coated regions provide full circumferential coverage with CP Titanium coating for maximum adhesion and long term fixation. The design incorporates a compound proximal wedge in the porous region with a 1.0mm proximal press fit between the broach and implant. Nonporous areas, including the distal stem, have a smooth finish to minimize wear due to normal micro-motion between the bone and stem. The optional wrap-around collar distributes loads onto the medial calcar to preserve proximal bone.

HA Coated Stems
The Consensus® HA / Ti collarless stem is provided with a 50 micron thick coating of high purity hydroxylapatite to accelerate and enhance bone apposition to the underlying grit blasted surface. The stem design incorporates a compound proximal wedge, normalization steps, cylindrical distal diameter, and distal flutes. The design is geometrically similar to the Ti.


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